State-of-the-Art Technology

Hardware and software delivers ultra-high clarity and precision for better diagnosis and treatment planning.

Advanced 3D X-Ray Imaging


The Fauchard Center is one of the only practices west of the Mississippi that offers the most advanced 3D X-ray imaging unit available.

The Morita 3D Accuitomo 170 provides a highly refined image that allows our dentists to visualize both hard and soft tissue areas with a subtle spread of contrast. This gives us the ability to conduct a comprehensive examination for diagnosing apical lesions, TMJ problems, caries, and treatment planning for implants, surgery, restorative procedures, and more.

Further, the 3D Accuitomo 170 offers reduced dose for increased patient protection. Through advanced engineering, the intensity of the X-rays has been optimized which decreases the overall level of emissions. Maximizing the efficiency of the machine has also resulted in sharper images of soft tissue with fewer artifacts.



The Morita 3D Accuitomo 170 delivers high quality images with low X-ray radiation

3D Imaging and Digital Dental Implant Planning

Digital Dental Implant Planning

The Fauchard Center also utilizes digital dental implant planning software. This software combines a CT scan image with software that we can use to create a specialized treatment plan for your surgery to offer accurate and predictable surgery options. It enables the clinician to assess the patient’s anatomy and see exactly how it relates to the proposed restoration. This not only increases the safety of the procedure, but decreases the duration of the surgery.

The software is a precise preoperative planning tool that provides an increased level of confidence and an extra margin of safety for patients.

Implant Studio 2

   Minimally Invasive Treatment of Gum Disease


Perioscopy, also known as dental endoscopy, is a procedure that utilizes a miniature dental endoscope with advanced video, lighting and magnification technology that enables us to diagnose and treat areas below the gumline non-surgically for the management of gum disease.

Preventing the need for incisions and sutures, Perioscopy minimizes post-operative discomfort, sensitivity, and recession seen with other forms of periodontal surgery.