What to expect during your first visit

Let Dr. Datar introduce you to The Fauchard Center and walk you through your first visit.


  1. Meet with our health relationship coordinator
  2. Perform a clinical evaluation in the dental chair
  3. Likely take your x-rays then review them
  4. Discuss treatment options


Hi, I’m Dr. Datar, and I’d like to take you through what you can expect during your first visit. It’s understandable if you have a little anxiety because you don’t know what to expect. Many do. Hopefully by knowing the details, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident to address your dental health needs.
Meet your health relationship coordinator

The first time you come to the center for help with periodontal care, dental implants or esthetic periodontics, you’ll first meet with our health relationship coordinator to establish your needs in a quiet, private consultation room. Next I’ll join you in the consultation room to meet you and understand your concerns.

Clinical evaluation

Then we’ll perform a clinical evaluation in the dental chair. In most cases, x-rays will be needed. If they are standard radiographs, they can be done right then and there in the treatment room. If you need a more in-depth scan, which are common for implant cases and difficult-to-diagnose cases, Dr. Gander will take your x-rays right down the hall in the imaging room.

Review your X-rays

Your image will be produced immediately. This is a real moment of discovery for a lot of patients. You’ll be able to see exactly what is going on in your mouth. Having an oral scan is like having an x-ray – it’s quick and painless. With Dr. Gander’s skill and understanding you’ll get a deeper insight into your oral health than you may have ever had before.

In some implant cases, that scan is imported into special software that will show exactly what your implants will look like once it’s all done.  Our center is the only location in the entire Rocky Mountain region offering this SIMPLANT Master software.  SIMPLANT helps to plan immediate tooth replacement right on the implants, at the time of surgery.  Talk about peace of mind and immediate gratification!

This process makes you an active participant in your oral health. At every step of your treatment you’ll have a full understanding of what is happening and why. In effect, you develop your own treatment plan with expert guidance from our team.

You can expect your first visit to take about two hours.

Plan next steps

Often a second visit is needed. At this visit with our dental specialists, you’ll see visuals of your current oral health situation, and together we will develop a fully detailed treatment plan tailored to your specific situation. You can voice concerns, ask questions and truly become an active participant in the development of your oral health plan. At every step, we are committed to patient empowerment, and that means better care for you.

Two quick reminders:

Please fill out your patient registration form prior to your first visit.

A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under 18 at the first visit.